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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Blogs are Powerful

If you think that your blog isn't being heard, then think again. Bloggers have a voice and we demand to be heard. The thing about blogging content is that it never goes away. It is nicely archived and indexed by search engines and then what we say is later pulled up when someone searches for something.

See this article for example.

And since blogs are a great way to communicate to the world then I think it is important to communicate the fact that Villas at Chase Oaks apartment are a nightmare. I have 2 more rent payments and 3 more months until I can escape from this prison. The walls are so thin that I can hear my neighbors snoring through them. Every step they take is loud and on occasion the entire apartment seems to shake when they walk. If you do make the mistake and move into this hell hole, then be sure to get a top floor apartment so that you can be the annoyance to your neighbors and not the other way around.

Also, if you move here, be sure to lock your car or it will get stolen, heck, it might get stolen anyway or the windows might get smashed for no reason. And if you like poor management then this is definitely the place for you.

Villas at Chase Oaks suck!