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Friday, June 02, 2006

Why does everyone love MYSPACE?

After 6 years of successful blogging I have decided to title myself "Supreme Blogger Extraordinaire". That is the great thing about owning a blog, you can say whatever you want - it is your blog.

Now, my point about being the SBE is that as an SBE I know what good blogging is and what good blogging isn't. I also happen to know a thing or two about functionality and design and with that knowledge I can deduce that MYSPACE is a crap basket. MYSPACE is an unorganized hodge-podge that could have been amazing. The idea to put your music, photographs, blog, etc all in one space is genius, but having an unorganized ad-ridden way of doing it is elementary at best.

So yes, I have a MYSPACE, but I never update it.

I also have tried Moveable Type and Typepad by Sixapart which are like the super professional versions of blogging and online publishing tools. Yes, you get better organization and more control over your data, but because of the way the site template is created your ability to control the design is limited. With blogger, you may not have the ability to organize your archives by category, but blogger organizes them for you by month and if you really want to find out if I have written about Chocoloate on Posted Note then all you have to do is Google the words chocolate and posted note at the same time and Voila! all the posts I have written about chocolate are going to come up on my site.

So my vote still goes to Blogger for blogging ease of use and MYSPACE gets no votes due to it's unsophisticated layout, poor engineering, and overuse of annoying advertisements.


Anonymous freezio said...

Just from the few times I've actually suffered through viewing some myspace content, I have to agree with you; it's a crap basket.

For myself, I graduated from Blogger to Wordpress a while back, mostly just because I like the publishing interface and commenting look and feel better. And I still have at least the design flexability of Blogger.

Oh, by the way, wouldn't (shouldn't) it be 'a SBE' in lieu of 'an SBE'?

10:13 AM

Blogger Ben said...


I am in complete agreement with you on this one... in fact, it's more than a crap basket... it's a crap dumpster.

I was thinking aloud the other day that MYSPACE is worthless. AND when ever I log on to a MYSPACE my computer goes crazy because it has active X imbedded into it and then all this clicking occurs. Not happy. I don't have a MYSPACE account.

2:05 PM

Blogger 2complx said...

I also fell the same way. It is too bad becasue it is a cool concept.

4:41 PM

Anonymous linda said...

I have a myspace account (myspace.com/vampirebunnyslayer) however, I TOTALLY agree! Myspace is serious crap and not just because of the technical stuff I don't understand but because of the crap people put on it and use it for.

2:22 AM

Blogger Thomas said...

I don't get MySpace. I thought it was for like teenagers and stuff. Now I learn my grandmother has a MySpace page.

And she didn't even ask me to be a friend?

4:24 PM

Blogger Ronnysgirl said...

I have to agree with you also!
All my kids have myspace.
I think it's mainly for playing around thats what they seem to do,most of the time.
Blogger is my #1.

9:45 AM

Anonymous Jon said...

I've never understood myspace as more than a wasteland of creeps, but I actually find facebook to be quite useful.

9:39 AM

Blogger zen said...

I go with blogger too and love it. But as far as MySpace, it suffered from teen cyberjacking the same way other sites like Fotolog were.

While it may have started out to try and be a complete blog/photo/music whatever site for individuals, young cyberlopers took to it, mixed in horrid backgrounds, careless colors and just a mash-up of mindlessness equivalent of "crusin' the strip" in a virtual world. At some point MySpace recognized that this was their audience and started catering to it.

7:32 PM


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