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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Father's Day Gift Baskets

Nothing like a fathers day gift baskets to really make your father happy. I like to put a nice one together complete with airsoft guns, a Snap-On calendar for his tool shed, a couple sticks of beef jerky and a camoflauge bandana.

Every year dad gets the same thing - a stupid t-shirt with the words #1 Dad on it. This year, get him something he will really love!


Blogger jes said...

eddie. this post made me laugh out loud. i TOTALLY want to see you give that exact gift basket to your dad for dad's day.

including the beef jerky.

11:40 AM

Anonymous Gift Basket said...

Well there we have it, I never thought to give my father something short of tools, or a t-shirt for f-day. Never mind his birthday where he gets the same thing.

2:58 PM


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