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Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm in luv with a flickr

It's rockin' it's rollin
These pictures are golden
I'm in love with a flickr...

When I first started using flickr I thought it was just a great place to upload and store photos, however, it is SO.MUCH.MORE!

It has all these great features so you organize your photos into sets, create slide shows, leave comments, add contacts, etc. You can even blog about a picture on flickr and it will copy what you write and the picture you are writing about on your blog! How cool is that!?!

One of my favorite features about flickr is how it knows when your pictures were taken and what type of camera the pictures were taken with. Apparently this is digitally coded on your camera and so you don't have to do any work, flickr does it for you.

So yes, I am still a huge blog addict, but now I am starting to become a flickr addict. I just browse through great photos for hours on end while I listen to music from iTunes and sip on my Cinnamon Dolce Latte. I am sure that I am starting to fit some type of stereotype - and I am De-frickin'-lighted. Next thing you know I am going to buy a Mac.

Here are some cool flickr photos

Cool 1

Cool 2

Cool 3

Monday, March 20, 2006

Blogging is Informational

I like to use blogs to do my online shopping. I can learn so much about products and services from sites like engagdet or bridesmaid gifts. But I can also learn about inane crap from sites like www.justsayjes.com or www.dooce.com .

What is more important than learning? Nothing. And what do blogs help you do? Learn.

So start blogging and start learning.

Hey, I used this line on here once already.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Okay, I know that last post was about having too many ADS, but now if you want to MAKE MONEY BLOGGING then you can do it more than just with ADS. How cool is that?

At first I thought it might be hard to include things like Vioxx Lawyer in my blog posts, but it isn't. It only makes me as a blogger have to be more creative with my blogging skills. Not only that, my readers can learn something new and I can make money without annoying ADS popping up and making my design look busy - it is a WIN-WIN!

And if you have a blog that isn't getting much traffic, then maybe you need to consider using search engine marketing consultants to make your blog more visible?

If all else fails and you still need money and your blog isn't cutting it, then you can Buy Silver Bars which tend to appreciate and are more secure than putting your cashola in the stock market or trusting in Social Security.

So go make some money with your blog and tell them that the blog patrol sent you.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Enough with the Frickin' Ads Already!

Okay, the ads, which are cool for making money, should not be the template or the wallpaper for your blog.

I am so sick of going to sites and I can't find the content because there are 800 ads on the page. Even worse, is when the page is covered with ads and then you also get the combined fun of the pop-up ad.

We all want to make a little cash on the side, but take a page out of Dooce's book. Put ads up, but make the site still aesthetically pleasing and combine it with some hilarious content. Dooce has mastered this art, most of the rest of the blogospere hasn't.

So, let's use the 70/30 rule - the maximum amount of space on your site that should be covered with ads is 30 percent. If you have more than this, then I plan to send a ping attack to your hosting server as well as a series of viruses that will implode your site and will email all of your friends and tell them what a huge dweeb you are - and yes, we just used the word dweeb, we are totally bringing it back. We can do stuff like that, we are the frickin' blog patrol!