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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

That Super Long Blog Roll Needs A Trim!

I rememeber when I first started blogging back in 1999. My first site was www.thesilverchair.com and it was horrific. Poor design, boring babble, bad site name - the perfect combination to win the "Most boring blog award". Fortunately, I evolved and so did blogging.

I wrote something new all the time creating new journal entries manually. Later, I found out about blogger, but I didn't understand anything about it and so I didn't use it until 2003. "Web Logging" really started to take off about that time and soon everyone around me was getting into blogging, but blogger really didn't take off until it added the ability to leave comments.

With the ability to get instant feedback, praise junkies everywhere were, and still are, signing up for blogs. Moveable Type, Typepad, Squarespace, Wordpress - these guys came along with a fancier better way of doing online publishing, but they still don't beat the ease of use and affordability of blogger. With more and more bloggers came more and more friends and of course that "Links" bar on the side of your page turned into a "Blog Roll".

The blog roll started out with a few close blogger buddies, but before long it metamorphosed into this giant list of everyone's blog that ever left a comment on your site. Some people (Fred, Saur, Edgy Mama, Cubicle Reverend, Molicious) have really long blog rolls, but I have seen much worse.

As an avid blogger I have a list of about 15 sites that I do read religiously. However, I do have a real life and I can't spend all day and all night reading blogs and so I only put my must reads on my list. So that made me think, "Do people really read all the blogs of the people on their blog roll, or were they guilted in to adding them to the list?" "Was it a case of blog roll swappage? I'll scratch your blog if you'll scratch mine?" I don't know, but some of you guys need to trim those rolls because they are getting a little bushy.

What do you think the blog roll limit should be? Personally, I think 20 should be the max and since I created this dang blog patrol, I am going to give citations to anyone with more than 20 people on their rolls.

So let it be written, so let it be done!