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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Self-serving post

So it's been a few weeks, nay, months, since I last posted on the infamous pages of PostedNote. I'm sure my abscence was noted and my speedy return awaited with baited breath. Unfortunately, this is not going to be a post of my usual calibre.
A little self-serving announcment. I've finally gotten my own domain name. While it took Eddo a few days to get the spelling right (it took me even longer, something like three years), I've noticed most of the links are still outdated. So here's your chance, to not only visit, in my humble opinion, a great site, but also to capture my link for a future visit.
Not every post is a great gem of wisdom to live by, more often than not, you'll find something to laugh about and, occassionally, something to cry about. So come by and join me for a laugh or a rant. I promise you won't be disappointed. If you are, you're standards are way too high.


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