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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Blog Hiatus

Sometimes people get into blogging for the wrong reasons. Like any hobby, blogging is something that you do for yourself. You should not blog to impress a girl or guy, to make money, or to get fired from your job. All these things may result indirectly from your blog, but they should not be the reason for its existence.

Lately I see people more and more taking a blog hiatus or a sabbatical from their blogging. Why? Isn't a blog a retreat from the everyday? Shouldn't your blog be your escape? Why are you trying to escape from your blog?

I have to wonder when I see people not blogging what their motives are. I often feel that they are being passive aggressive, they are trying to get their readers to scream out, "We need you, please keep blogging, we can't live without you, you are the reason for my existence!"

Here I have to borrow a phrase from Dr. Phil - "Get Real People!" There are millions of blogs out there and so if you stop blogging your readers will just pop over to another blog and fill that void in their life.

If you decide to stop blogging because you fear for your life, then you probably divulged too much information. You should never post your Social Security Number, Address, phone number, date of birth, and credit card information online! Dummy! There are crazies out there and they will stalk you if you give them an opportunity - so don't!

And lastly, if you feel like you are addicted to blogging then that is just stupid, there is no such thing as blogging too much. Just tell your wife, your children, and your friends that you will spend much more time getting to know them if they start a blog of their own! Trust me, I have learned so much more about my close friends and family through their blogs. There really is no need for face-to-face communication, no need, just tell your friends to shut up and blog!

So in conclusion, there is never a reason for a blog hiatus unless you are running for your life, and even then you can stop in an internet cafe and post smething every once in a while.



Anonymous Genuine said...

Amen! My blog is more like a crack pipe.

2:45 PM

Blogger Fred said...

Well said. I love my blog, and I post only when something pops up in this strange mind of mine. But, no such thing as a hiatus - it's a commitment.

4:32 PM

Blogger Greg - Cowboy in the Jungle said...

I don't blog for other people. I only blog for me; to say things I want to say and when I want to say them.

Call it a hiatus or laziness, I don't care. As long as t makes me happy, I'll keep it up.

7:16 PM

Blogger Jayleigh said...

AMEN! I was so going to post on this last week, but I was so fired up about it that I wouldn't have been as nice as you, and I might have started an all-out war over it.

Best advice I can give is this: If you don't want to blog anymore, just don't. If you do, then do it. No more of this "passive aggressive, they are trying to get their readers to scream out, "We need you, please keep blogging, we can't live without you, you are the reason for my existence!""

I am sooo with you on this!

8:54 PM

Blogger Ben said...

I tried a blogging hiatus once... and I posted more than usual. So I agree... blogging hiatuses are an unintelligent lack of judgement.

Blog people.

9:29 PM

Blogger Luke said...

I ran for my life once...never did catch it...so now I blog.

I do kinda blog for other people though. I mean, I blog for me, but I also blog for them. I enjoy harvesting their spiritual thoughts, but I'm also thankful if they can learn something from mine. I hope I'm not the only one growing from blogging addiction. :)

3:09 PM

Blogger Greg - Cowboy in the Jungle said...

Talk about blog hiatus. September 4? Looks like the BlogPatrol pulled into the BlogDoNutHouse.

6:12 PM


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