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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Beauty of Blogging

Chad of Tempermental Blender fame posted something glorious on his site yesterday and I must recommend that everyone rush over there and read it immediately. In his post he explores the beauty of the written word and then continues to pretty up the pages with a couple of great stories about his grandmother and his brother.

Drama Mama posted a piece that was pointed out to me this week by another blogger. I read this incredibly tragic story about a girl who lost a piece of herself in an effort to gain something that we all want so badly - love. Go read this story and then go and hug your daughters and your sons and make sure that they don't feel that they need to give up something sacred just to feel good about themselves.

Each day I get up and I log on to my computer and I read about what is going on in people's lives. I laugh and I cry and sometimes I stare in wonder and awe at how people live and make through the day-to-day despite the ups and downs that life gives us.

Sometimes I log on bursting with something I can't wait to post. I love to hammer out something witty or something poignant and sad. I like to know what I say makes people think. I like knowing that what I write down on the page may be read by many, or no one at all and that even if no one reads it, the fact that I wrote it makes me feel better.

Blogging is therapeutic. Blogging is a way to meet people and to learn about people and often times more about yourself.

Blogging is Beautiful and so are you...

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Blogger steve said...

chads post was amazing. I saw it when EM was talkin bout it! good stuff

3:04 PM


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