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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Tease

A great marketing strategy, the tease, has been implented over at:


However, I had to cite this blog today with the TEASEBLOG citation because a good tease cannot be left up for more than 3 days unless it is stated in said Tease that the new post will not be posted for "x" number of days.

Could you imagine if a grocery store advertised that it was going to have steak on sale... eventually! People would go to the store repeatedly hoping to get this quality meat at a discounted price only to find NO MEAT AT ALL! Livid, they would march right to the manager and lodge a complaint. Soon there would be protestors and quite possibly riots.

This is why the Blog Patrol is here. We don't want your blog to start a riot in the blogosphere. Unsatisfied readers can be angry readers and angry readers leave hurtful comments. We at the Blog Patrol don't want that and so when we leave a blogger a citation it is merely for their own good.

At the Blog Patrol - we're bloggers too.



Blogger Cookie723 said...

WOW! SO I typed my blog addy into the 'search line' on the MSN homepage and it brought me to THIS SITE... I knew (of course) of the blog patrol but didn't know I got a WRITE UP here...yikes.
I apologize for the offense. ;) Well, kinda.

9:54 AM


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