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Friday, July 22, 2005

Better Than You Think

Recently I have been doing some design work for pay and it has been nice. The funny thing is that growing up I never thought I was very good at drawing or design. Over the years I had people tell me that I had a good eye for design and eventually I started to realize that maybe I do.

I watched a movie once where this girl found herself locked in a basement. While in the basement she happened upon a violin and was able to play it by ear immediately. Eventually she played it in High School and ended up getting a scholarship to a great school for her playing ability.

I actually drew this in PowerPoint and edited it very little in "MS Picture It!"


It was never really used for anything and it's not super great, but I enjoyed the process trying out new shades of color and trying to illustrate something despite my very limited drawing expertise.

So what is my point? My point is that you may need to unlock your inner design child by branching out and trying some design of your own. I started with Microsoft Word and started creating "Word Art". I then moved on to PowerPoint and only recently have I played with Photoshop 7.0.

I used to get frustrated because I wasn't good at something and other people were better. Now I realize that the reason they are better is because they worked hard at it, or they were naturally gifted. For those of us that weren't gifted, we have to work hard and in the end you might find that you are better than you think.


Blogger Edgy Mama said...

You are incredibly gifted, Eddo. I'm thrilled to be a paying customer!

8:17 AM

Blogger jes said...

my favorite quote?

"Hard work always beats natural talent that doesn't work hard."

10:53 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

Or you can be like me... and just get married to a techy geek genius guy who can just fix my blog up for me! :) (Except you're a guy, I know...)

9:04 PM

Blogger Greg - Cowboy in the Jungle said...

Where is the tree trunk for the tree near the middle? :-0

Jest ribbin you! Loved the pic!

7:21 PM


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