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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

One Blog, Two Blog, Red Blog, Blue Blog

I've decided to actually contribute to the BP. I wasn't sure what to rights and responsibilities came with membership to the BP. Being a guy, i.e. never reading/getting directions, I charged full steam ahead into Blog Patrolling. I was hoping to find a blog of note and a bad blog. Let's face it. Finding a bad blog is like finding a hair on a dog. There are so many to choose.
I found this link by using the random blog button on my site. I read the first few posts and browsed some of the older posts. Overall, this blog is well written and entertaining. Punctuation and spelling were within tolerable limits. So stop by and check it out. Those of us with children, or spouses who act like children, will appreciate the content of "Big A little a."
I'm not sure what citation to give this guy. I decided to load this guy up with as many as possible. Good grief, what a travesty.

"Albert, you are being issued three citations for your blog. You are being issued a BoreBlog citation for lack of interesting content. You are being issued a TypoBlog citation for lack of spelling and grammatical prowess. Lastly, you are being issued a NarcissBlog citation for making yourself more important than you really are. You have 21 days to respond. Should you fail to respond within the allotted time, we will come after you. Thank you for your cooperation. Please, Blog safely."


Blogger Richie T. Thiele said...

WOW you hguys/girls are serios about this arent you. You will track em down and bring their heads on silver platers it seems. well as long as im never on the list im happy hehe.

2:58 PM

Anonymous msthang said...

Wow, that Albert guy needs some help..
The comments are hilarious but only because they are there to make fun of him and IS NOT taking him seriously! But really, how can you take THAT seriously?

1:53 AM

Blogger Adeja said...

Well then, I don't know what you would say about mine; but I want to find out. This is entertaining, at the best of times. So, are you doing this at random, or are you going one by one through the blog community?

7:47 AM


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