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Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Nicer, Kinder Blogosphere

As I’m coming up on six intense months of blogging, I have decided that I now qualify as a Blog Etiquette Queen (see what happens when you give me power, Eddo?).

Here are a few thoughts on blogging etiquette that, if followed, should contribute to healthy long-term relationships between you and other bloggers:

1. Comment. It’s okay to lurk a few times to see if this is a blog you want to flirt with, propose to, or marry. Don’t be wishy-washy, though. After a few visits, it’s rude not at least say hi. Give feedback. Give good doggies. We’re all looking for a little love.

2. If someone comments on your site, at least take the time to look at their site. This is the flirtation stage, and it can be just as exciting in the blog world as it is in reality. Lurk a bit, see if their latest post is worth commenting on—or, just go ahead--leave a comment thanking them for visiting your site—and see if they come back.

3. If someone lists you in their favorite sites (blogrolls you), return the favor (unless you have no desire to read their blog, in which case you may report them to The Blog Patrol, and we will cite them—see earlier post for list of undesirable blogs). This is the proposal stage of the relationship—say yes, please!

Once you read them and they read you on a daily basis—you’re married. And the great thing about blogging is…you can be married to as many blogs as you want!

4. Finally, be edgy, be funny, be risqué—but there is no reason to be mean or ugly (unless it’s about Britney
Spears). Your Mama says, “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”

Thus is today’s lesson over. Feel free to add your own etiquette ideas (see point number one).

Kisses, Edgy Mama


Blogger Amanda Sue said...

very nice mama! i agree with these points, and partially retract my previous comment regarding the mean and self-righteous blog patrol. you are redeeming them!

11:02 AM

Blogger Chad said...

In light of some of the rules posted above, it would seem that I'm merely following the rules by commenting. Not so. I have been checking back, every so often, to sse what new and exciting things are going on here. (Since you emailed me today, I felt obliged to check in today.)

So here's my etiquette recommendation: Be creative in your commenting. Avoid the "I agree." comments. If that's the best you can come up with, perhaps you should just say "Nice job getting all of the letters in your words lined up, evenly spaced and the same color."

5:57 PM

Blogger Robin said...

Well said Mama.

6:12 PM

Blogger Edgy Mama said...

I agree, Chad. Ha Ha.

I'll probably have a less constructive rant about grammar and punctuation at some point.

Glad you're back, Amanda Sue. The point is humor, not meanness. As we all know, sometimes things come across differently than we had planned in type (thus all those obnoxious emoticons).

5:06 AM

Blogger Katie said...

This may be an issue to take up at our next secret BP meeting but I tend to disagree with the you scratch my back I'll scratch yours idea regarding blogrolls. I decided way back when to stop my blogroll as soon as it started. I wanted to limit the space that a blogroll takes up in the sidebar and not have to feel pressure to always add someone less thier feelings get hurt. Now, I will admit I get excited when others place me on thier roll but I've come to terms with the fact this may not happen since I am not in turn placing them on mine. I will stand up to the peer pressure to have a mile long blogroll and suffer any consequences I may incur. I will and do comment when I come to visit though so that gives me some brownie points.

2:02 PM

Blogger Eddo said...

Nice Edgy Mama... you make me and the rest of the BP proud!

8:26 PM

Blogger jes said...

ooh. i need to add some people to my list. like you, EM.

::hops off to edit my reading list::

7:15 AM

Blogger RC said...

My mom says the same thing, Edgy Mama! I always treat others the way I would like to be treated, but these mean kids keep hitting me with eggs, which makes me so mad, because they are wasting food!

If my mom knew I was married to alot of my blog friends, she would get mad and red like a tomatoe, which is kinda scary, because she's not a vegetable!

It's nice to meet you, Edgy Mama, and all your friends!

1:29 AM

Anonymous mrsthang said...

I'm loving the whole blog patrol concept, and your list of etiquettes are right on! I hate it when people are lurking and you know are lurking! Especially family and friends. It tells me that while I am worth checking out, I am not worth making the commitment to join in on my post commenting. uggh.

7:42 AM


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