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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

I created a Blog Star button for those sites that want to proclaim their blog star status.

More to come...


Blogger LG said...

Eddie---thanks for making the color change on my site. It is easier to read. Just a question....do you ever think of pepto bismol when you look at my blog?! :)

11:19 AM

Anonymous Genuine said...

Hey, is that Elvis?

8:17 PM

Blogger Eddo said...

yes, that is Elvis!

12:42 PM

Anonymous Amber said...

I'll hold out for the *SUPER* Star button!!


2:25 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

How does one become certified a blog STAR???

And do you know a work around for the IE bug that won't let my full page load if the right column is shorter than the left?

PS. PhantomProfs template is very nice.

4:10 PM

Blogger Chad said...

How does one become a *Blog Star*?

And once you become one, do you have to wear the sequin jumpsuit, chase young women, and give away Cadillacs?

Do you have to have a "Jungle Room?" If so, can I just let my backyard get out of hand and claim that as the "Jungle Room?" [I don't think the missus will let me paint anything leopard print.]

2:03 PM


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