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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Blogging 101: The Fundamentals of a Great Blog

1. Be yourself, but if “yourself” is boring, then learn to embellish.

2. Write consistently. No one likes to visit a blog that isn’t updated frequently.

3. Try to be efficient in your writing. No one wants to read for 30 minutes in a single post, unless it is about sex, and then you will have only perverted male readers for an audience.

4. Reread your work and try to correct spelling errors and punctuation. The more intelligent readers will be annoyed by frequent mistakes and simple grammatical errors.

5. Know your target audience. You can’t appeal to everyone, so be firm in your ideas and beliefs--people might not agree with them, but if you stand by them, people will respect you for it.

6. Enjoy your blog. Don’t blog because you feel like you must--blogging is your personal outlet. Enjoy it, and allow it to stretch you mentally and creatively.

7. Allow people to see the real you. It’s okay to talk about personal information, bodily functions, relationship woes, etc. Just remember to always be tactful and know that what you say can hurt others, so if necessary, use pseudonyms or be creatively vague.

8. By now most bloggers have heard of Heather from www.dooce.com. She lost her job a few years ago because she was blogging about her co-workers. I avoid talking about my job if at all possible, and if I do write about it, then I don't mention my company name or the names of people I work with.

9. Self-Promote. Go to others blogs, leave comments, compliments, and questions--like you, they want to be noticed and validated. Most likely they will return the favor.

10. Part B of number nine: drop a celebrity name every now and then' talk about a hot topic; be highly opinionated. Search engines and search blogs too. You never know who will find your blog as a result of a Google search.

11. Design. People like coming back to a site that looks put-together and is creative and unique. If at all possible, personalize your template, and keep it clean, simple, and uncluttered. Keep advertisements to a minimum and don’t let them distract. Yes, they can help generate funds, but they can also turn people off.

12. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. If you can post them on occasion, or daily, post them. People enjoy looking at pictures--pictures of you, your family, your home. MTV’s show “The Real World” is a hit because we get to see how these people live their lives--we are voyeurs on the outside looking in. Isn’t that basically what a blog is? Let us have a look-see!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am extremely happy with the outcome of this design. I got bullets on my lists and everything!

12:26 PM

Blogger Molicious said...

I see how it is. I put the Blog Patrol button on my site, I employ the wonderful Eddo to do a template for me, and I get no props on the Members list. Come on now. :o) Hook me up.

1:32 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Eddie the comments are in white type font so you have to highlight them to see them. oops the BP has been patroled.

1:50 PM

Blogger The Blog Patrol said...

Oh, didn't you know that is part of the secret blog illumatus society - the comments are hidden!

6:53 PM

Anonymous Amber said...


I am honoured!

*tiptoes away to write another post before I get removed from the list*

1:53 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

You should be proud, I stumbled across this and am thinking about blogging about this blog in my next post whenever I up and post again. In fact, I've looked at your Posted Note site and am considering adding you to my blogroll. Just haven't decided yet if you meet all my standards. :D

Betcha never thought the Blog Patrol would be patrolled too. ;)

8:50 PM

Blogger Amy said...

Great advice. I just came across your site and I think that I will be 'patroling it.' LOL. Feel free to patrol my site.

7:50 AM

Blogger Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Good Fundamentals. Because you followed #9 and left a comment somewhere I found you. It works. *grin*

8:17 AM

Anonymous Jared said...

As a former English teacher, I'm obligated to find the irony in cautioning against typos and grammatical mistakes while using an apostrophe for plural nouns. ;)

1:25 PM

Blogger NineteenEIGHTY said...

Hi there.. was just wondering if my blog would make it to your list?

Hope to receive your reply real soon!



2:55 AM

Blogger Shana said...

You caution against getting dooced, but look at Heather now...

The lesson is, if you're going to snark about coworkers, do so in a well-written and hilarious fashion. Because then you'll get paid for it. Score.

9:12 PM


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